Market support and Linkages

Market support is critical for the growth and general success of women owned enterprises in Kenya. Many businesses with immense potential have failed due to inability to access the right markets for their products and services. Two of the Fund’s main obligations endeavours to support women owned enterprises as follows;

  • Facilitating and supporting small women owned enterprises to develop linkages with large established enterprises/institutions for business and mentorship and
  • Facilitating the marketing of products and services of women owned enterprises in domestic, regional and international markets.

The Fund has employed the following strategies to achieve this. They include;

  1. Organizing and/or participating in organized marketing events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, conventions/conferences and road shows. These marketing events are mainly within Kenya. They offer the women entrepreneurs with an opportunity to network, showcase and market their products.
  2. Facilitating market linkages between small women owned enterprises with large established private enterprises or government institutions for business and mentorship. Under these partnerships, the women entrepreneurs are facilitated to learn as well as trade with the established enterprise or institution. The linkages take such forms as Sub contracting, outsourcing, sale to government, franchising and business mentorship/business development trainings.

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